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Winning Silver years (so far) writing for fascinating people

November 1992, I launched Word's Worth. Rising from the era's downsizing (Labatt for me), I created my own job. Proprietor. My silver anniversary reflects fascinating people, subjects. Enjoy: some quirky or touching, and a few tips learned (so far).

Whiskers and Antlers

When a large London organization digitized its records to be system-wide, I crafted a lessons-learned report after the data migrated over. First, though, equipment and machines were set up in duplicate for just-in-case redundancy – risk management. Writing of their experiences, I retained some engineering trivia. So at parties or bus stops, I can regale about zinc whiskers. If machinery's on old floors like linoleum, take care sliding it, or floor scrapings (zinc whiskers) waft up into motors. The client knew ahead to avoid the shards, advised by an industry peer. Shared learning.
Biz Tip: Lessons light the way forward, so review hindsight insight.

A nutraceutical firm hired me for marketing copy about a new health supplement, its powder, capsule-form vim and vigour – pulverized elk antler. Key to the message was to reassure that antlers were not cut off; they're harvested after elks shed them naturally. Road spill, as it were. Midway in the project, the firm's funder backed out. No product release, so no need of promo. Tough pill to swallow.
Biz Tip: I was glad I'd contracted a clause for payment for work thus far.

Survivors, Caregivers, Newcomers, Creative Agers

We live compelling, touching narratives, too. What privilege to help clients share them. One authored a book of hope for survivors of childhood abuse: now a Police College resource. Others, palliative-care facilitators, were interviewed for lessons learned after providing First Nations with culturally sensitive training for end-of-life care. And newcomers from five countries told stories of London career success, proving immigrants can indeed find work in their original professions. Today, it's seniors I often consult with, typically Storytelling Your Life (pdf 141kb) – from fellow junior boomers 50+ to older adults, in the spirit of creative aging. I'm enthralled, guiding their anecdotes or memoir project to honour and preserve personal history.

Now, 25 years in, your stories are still my joy. Written, they illuminate us and, I feel, reveal our two most communicative body parts – funny bones, and heartstrings. Many thanks, and here's to many more.


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