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Sandy Ross expands photo of Sandy with quill

"Your stories are my joy," says this wordsmith, writing consultant, and facilitator. Her hello voice message (mp3 223kb) and details here help you get acquainted to reach out to Sandy – your communicator-on-call.

Writing Style

"Brought sensitivity and valuable, timely humour to [book] editing." /S.Stevenson
"My psychological assessments affect lives at their most vulnerable. Sandy crafts my reports with sensitivity and emotional impact." /J.McDougall, counsellor
"Sandy's perfect for humour in writing • fun read • punchy, interesting." /of ezines

Heart. Humour. Isn't that what pulls us into a story? It's where she's in her element, and why clients value Sandy's "cadent turn of phrase", gift for word play, and the psychology of word choice (a nod to Behavioral Science in college). Mastery is also about the balance of staying true to the client's voice while honouring the audience.

Among credentials, she's a certified (pdf 163kb) Arts and Aging educator, was in Western's first Humour Writing grad class, and is an awarded writer (she and two co-playwrights won Funniest at Fringe). As well as 25+ years as an entrepreneur (incl. 150 events for homepreneurs), all paths of her career (pdf 98kb) serve well.

Publicity and Peers two hosts with Sandy on Rogers' TV

TV show last six minutes on memoirs, Making Most...Retirement 2017
Londoner headline, Storytelling Their Lives (jpg 288kb), 2015
✑ Chartwell article, Sandy's monthly story circle for older adults, 2015
Londoner news on Creative Age workshops (jpg 391kb), 2016

Benefit from her community networking of 25+ years: memberships in creative age, personal historians, SCAA South alumni, IABC communicators, homepreneurs, etc.