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enlarge news article ♦ Sandy thanks creative agers' full-to-capacity energy and Byron Library's venue for her 3-module Storytelling Your Life (jpg 887kb). See TheLondoner (jpg 391kb) news interview.→

"Great facilitator, wonderful humour... so warm, helpful... positive environment..." read kudos from workshop learners

♦ Repeat client, Kathy Smith, and Sandy brainstorm business content to position the what's next for Kathy's consulting and community programming for adults 50+.

"Working with Sandy is invigorating and inspiring. As a communication advisor, she draws on her impressive, highly respected experience to provide helpful analysis, feedback, and guidance. I especially value her ability to... " read more

♦ Dues paid and Sandy's now a friend in the Association of Personal Historians.

e-zine archives enlarge photo, Sandy Ross A Picture Births 1,000 Words
...[at] the hospital, I'd ask what [photos] she fancied tomorrow... each picture's commentary was our life stories... anecdotal pixie dust... read
QuillJoy — 2-minute touchpoint delighting in all things communication

Music* revs the right brain and creativity. Spark your own with these songs for boaters excited to get out of dry dock. *from purchased CDs

Sail On ♫ Lionel Richie (mp3* 4.7MB)
Rock the Boat ♫ Hues Corp'n (mp3* 3.7MB)
Ocean Deep ♫ Sir Cliff Richard (mp3* 5.0MB)
...so afraid to show my feelings, I have sailed a million ceilings in my solitary room...