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jpg 275kb, enlarge poster Two seats left for Sandy's class, among those (jpg 275kb) for creative ager adults 50+. May 12 + 19, her memoir series (jpg 275kb) is back, free if registered thanks to her fee sponsor, the Library. While groups tend to fill, no need to miss out – book Sandy 1-to-1 on your schedule.

peopleCare family council welcomed Sandy's Storytelling Your Life talk and tips.

Spring memories (pdf 74kb), 80 years' worth, were shared by Chartwell residents in a group led by Sandy. Tucked in as a surprise smile for MealsOnWheels, it made his day for one stranger. "That newsletter that came with MoW was great..." more

"Sandy speaks well • given me a new direction • constructive instruction..." more New client – a creative writing graduate class of instructor, Molly Croxall – enjoyed Sandy's keynote on memoirs. Molly's 10-wk. class runs 3x/year for Kiwanis seniors.

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