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✒ Including early letters to his son, Sieg Pedde is newly inspired to give form to his writing as a collection, after Sandy's memoir seminar (pdf 75kb), booked full again. Thank you, Library, sponsor of such Creative Age series (jpg 275kb) for adults 50+.

"After your course, I decided to consolidate family-related things I'd written; add stories, insight I've yet to chronicle. I'd written thousands of words, diverse topics [incl. Dear Zach], but never in a cohesive whole. After experiencing your class, I decided to do that. Thanks for the 'push' to do more." ... others' kudos

✒ There's a saying, 'buy some time'. Well, it's a fine gift for a special occasion, like Father's Day, with a greeting from Sandy for the card:

"Courtesy of your loved ones, enjoy a Storytelling Your Life session (pdf 75kb) gifted to you because your stories are eagerly awaited. Inspired by ones you began to share, the request's 'more please'. You need only call to book time..."

enlarge photo, TV hosts and Sandy ✒ Sandy taped a Making the Most of Your Retirement TV spot on her work with people's memoir anecdotes. This season 2 airs Sept. onward hosted by Murray Faulkner and Kelley Simons.

archive, quilljoy QuillJoy is a 2-minute touchpoint delighting in all things communication
latest QJ ✒ Happy 150th 🍁 and my thanks shall be legion

Music revs the right brain: creativity. Spark it with tunes to toast Canada 150 with a 6-pack of Canadian songsmiths*.

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Wheels of Life 🍁 Gino Vannelli (mp3 5.1MB)
Both Sides Now 🍁 Joni Mitchell (mp3 6.8MB)
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