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What's New

♦ Another successful workshop, expanding from 15 to 19 to invite its waiting list! Sandy's Storytelling Your Life (pdf 78kb) series was free to adults 50+ thanks to London Public Library (jpg 146kb), repeat client (x3) and sponsor of creative age programming. Feedback on what was enjoyed, of value, or on Sandy as a facilitator:
"Inspiring – before coming, my stories of life were stalled... Sandy's personality motivated participation... thoughtful, sensitive, enormously helpful... tips to put my thoughts together, move forward my storytelling... fun... thought-provoking..." more

♦ As closing speaker, Sandy enjoyed inspiring your memoirs (pdf 566kb) at Creative Age Retirement's series, free thanks to venue sponsor, East London Public Library.

"How moving Sandy's session was for everyone; engages [her] whole audience and also responds to individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, of great interest, and of particular value the 'glad/wish-I'd-asked' exercise." host, S. Adkin

♦ Sandy's certified to educate adults (pdf 163kb) in creative arts programs (writing). Accreditation by the Ntl. Ctr. for Creative Aging and earning 99% in 11 modules is all to the benefit of the workshops and consultation she already enjoys facilitating.

enlarge, WWII veteran codebreaker Beryl quilljoy e-zine Codebreaker at Bletchley ... I walked its living museum... meaningful [as] one of the decoders is my friend... read
Letter to the Unknown Soldier ... passers wonder what his note says... as imagined by retirement residents... read

Music revs right brains and creativity. Spark yours with songs for Remembrance Day.

I Remember You ♫ Bette Midler (mp3* 4.3MB)
Memory ♫ Elaine Paige (mp3* 6.0MB)
*from purchased CD