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What's New

✑ New client, Creative Writing for New Writers' instructor, Molly Croxall, and class booked Sandy to facilitate her introductory seminar on memoirs, March 24, Kiwanis Seniors' Ctr. Though this group's full, Molly's 10-week writing series runs 3x yearly to complement programs for adults 55+ (Spectrum program guide).

copyright mark Wordsmith Tip ✑ Where your content notes copyright date, modify it for a new year. It may be your website (e.g. on each page footer), or templates for print material. If content spans over time with edits or additions, mark its 'start'/initial publication date, hyphen, then current year, e.g. © 1999 - 2017.

✑ A Happy New Year note (pdf 77kb) tucked in as a surprise smile for Meals On Wheels clients was written as a group by creative agers (80-90s) guided by Sandy.

✑ Invited by a focus group, Sandy brainstormed best uses of a new creative space, Centre at the Forks, coming 2017 to Museum London.

quilljoy e-zine Hard to Hit 'Delete'
Dec. means reviewing contact lists... to send holiday greetings... he's moved, email's new... hardest, though, is those who passed on... I look at her name in my database... what files can't convey is... read

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