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archive, quilljoy Page It Forward – Letter Writing and Life's Lines
Ordinary people's Letters of Note.com... soldier's letter on Christmas' day of peace... another letter's levity in a job search... any handwritten are gems... a letter's a terrific memoir project and liberating because...

✒ After Sandy's memoir seminar (pdf 89kb), Sieg Pedde's newly inspired to rework his writing as a collection, including early letters to his son. The course, booked full again, returned to the Library's annual Creative Age Fest (jpg 275kb) for adults 50+.

"After your course, I decided to consolidate family things I'd written; add insight I've yet to chronicle. I'd written thousands of words, but never into a cohesive whole. After experiencing your class, I decided to do that. Thanks." ... more

✒ Sandy taped a TV spot, Making the Most of Your Retirement, on how she helps people create memoir projects. Murray Faulkner and Kelley Simons host again (pictured with Sandy, jpg 258kb) as season 2 airs Sept. on Rogers.

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