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copyright mark Wordsmith Tip ✑ Where your content notes copyright date, modify it for a new year. It may be your website (e.g. on each page footer), or templates for print material. If content spans over time with edits or additions, mark its 'start'/initial publication date, hyphen, then current year, e.g. © 1999 - 2017.

✑ A Happy New Year note (pdf 77kb) will be tucked in as a surprise smile for each of about 200 clients of Meals On Wheels. Creative agers in their 80s-90s composed it, as a group guided by Sandy, to thoughtfully gift to others in our community.

✑ Sandy offered ideas at Nov.'s focus group that asked how seniors, as one niche, may best use new creative space, Centre/Forks, coming 2017 to Museum London.

✑ Another writing series fills quickly (flyer jpg 146kb) for repeat client, the Library.
"Sandy motivated participation... inspiring; before coming, my story stalled..." more

quilljoy e-zine Hard to Hit 'Delete'
Dec. means reviewing contact lists... to send holiday greetings... he's moved, email's new... hardest, though, is those who passed on... I look at her name in my database... what files can't convey is... read

Music revs right brain creativity. Spark yours with songs for a happy new year as Canada turns 1-5-0! *from purchased CD

Hall-Oates ♫ One on One (mp3* 5.1MB)
Jackson Five ♫ Dancing Machine (mp3* 3.1MB)
Paul Young ♫ Oh Girl (mp3* 4.2MB)